MembersM8 are a team of Big 4 Mortgage brokers that have gone it alone in a business that creates a way for their clients to keep the memberships they love with an additional benefit of receiving a great rate on their loan.

The brief

The MembersM8 partners approached Jackett with an idea that we helped them bring to fruition, basically a concept providing a ‘kick-back’ to clients as a gesture of thanks for their custom. Five friends and industry stalwarts, MembersM8 had an idea to leverage what they perceived to be a hole in the Mortgage market and wanted to create a brand that best represented their passion for sport, fitness, fun and family. They required brand strategy into targeted segmentation, a brand to reflect this idea and a website that aided appointment as industry experts and trusted advisors.

The outcome

Jackett crash coursed the Finance brokering industry in an effort to better understand the industries foibles and opportunities. After much research and analysis, the M8 team were presented with our findings which including proposed target market segmentations. After consultation and approval, Jackett created a brand to suit the company, industry and their consumers. Strong, friendly and informal font coupled with green of a sporting arena and the financial assurity of a bold navy blue. The brand guidelines were rolled out in creating 2 websites (membersm8 and m8finance) and all required business collateral.


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Published: November 9, 2017



With membersm8, we’ve created a way for you to keep the memberships you love with the additional benefit of also receiving a great rate on your loan.