Access Telehealth


Jackett was engaged mid 2019 to assist Access Telehealth with refreshed brand design and strategy. Access Telehealth was expanding into new markets and needed a clear brand foundation to differentiate their products.


Jackett assisted the burgeoning start-up business, creating poignant marketing collateral backed up with solid website functionality assisting Access push into new market segments. Jackett continues to work with Access Telehealth to this day on an almost weekly basis.


Thanks to solid business fundamentals, a newly invigorated brand and marketing strategy and the prompt response to the recent COVID-19 crisis, Telehealth appointments have risen from a F/Y 2018/19 average of 176 to a staggering 596 per month 2019/20.



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Published: September 15, 2020


Access Telehealth

Access Telehealth goal is to connect people and improve health outcomes through their proprietary software that facilitates secure video-based consultations and access to leading specialists.

In early 2018, Dr Me launched Access Telehealth, a business built to provide rural, aged and Indigenous Australians with specialists and their own GP through their two core products. Access Specialist and Access GP.

They have recently joined the Medical Director Marketplace, allowing over 16,000 GPs to access their products on their desktop.