Merging into digital and social

Last year, HPR & Kenobi teamed up on a range of clients and projects after working together on Marketplace. Both firms – one with a background in graphic design and print, the other a full service digital and social agency – saw a number of synergies and the ability to deliver a full suite of strategic marketing and digital services to their clients.

The teams, after consolidating their work on Marketplace, then a number of smaller joint projects, competitively tendered for a major project with Freemasons Victoria – a re-brand and a shift into a new approach for an iconic organisation.

HPR, of course now rebranded as Jackett, and Kenobi now literally sit side-by-side to deliver a full suite of marketing services, from social media to Google AdWords and website builds.

We are also delighted to advise that Liz Doherty Creative has now joined the team, bringing creative advertising and brand work to the stable. From TVCs to brand development and Digital Visual IDs, the Jackett team has got you covered.

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